How can I set characteristics using an external file?


You may use the Time Characteristic with data acquisition from a file. To use it you have to define a Time Characteristic of type ChaTime and choose the path and the format of the external file. This file should contain a column with the time values; other columns contain sequences of data for each time value. The column to be used by the characteristic can be defined in the ChaTime element.

See the attached example:
All the loads have a characteristic behind the Scaling Factor. You have to adapt within the ChaTime element the directory where you store the ASCII files with the data sequences (LoadCurve.txt). The columns of the text file may be separated e.g. by a semicolon. Also the usage of a .csv-file as an external data file is possible.
Once the loads have the characteristics defined, the Quasi-Dynamic Simulation may be executed.
Plots of the active and reactive power of the elements of the network will be display on the page "Load Values".