How can I report reactive power reserve of ElmSvs for contingency analysis?

Contingency Analysis

The contingency calculation supports also the recording of additional user defined variables. But there is no direct way to display a summary (such as min/max) of these values over all contingencies. This is solved in the attached project via a DPL script. This script calculates for all ElmSvs the minimum leading and lagging reactive power reserve over all contingencies. For this the user has to select before the variables "c:Qsparelead" and "c:Qsparelag" for the ElmSvs. Also the option "Record additional result variables" has to be selected in the ComSimoutage on the "Recording of Results" page.

After execution of the contingency analysis the script can be executed. Then the minimum reactive power reserve can be displayed for all ElmSvs on the flexible data page or in the result boxes by selecting the "Svs_Report" at the very end of the variable selections (see attached screenshot).