How can I modify the Configuration of PowerFactory if I don't have administrator rights?

Installation and Licensing

I need to change the Configuration of PowerFactory, i.e. Language, Licence, External Applications, etc. and I don't have administrator rights in my computer.


The configuration of PowerFactory is stored inside the file 'PowerFactory.ini' within the folder 'C:\Program Files\DIgSILENT\PowerFactory XX.X', this folder can only be modified by a User with Windows administrator rights.

What you can do if you don't have administrator rights in your computer is the following:

- Copy the PowerFactory.ini file in a file location where you have Windows administrator rights (e.g D:\MyFolder)

- Right click on the start icon of PowerFactory, select Properties and change the Target to:
"C:\Program Files\DIgSILENT\PowerFactory XX.X\PowerFactory.exe" "/ini:<Path to the INI file>\PowerFactory.ini"

where <Path to the INI file> is the path where the new ini-file is located, for example:

"C:\Program Files\DIgSILENT\PowerFactory XX.X\PowerFactory.exe" "/ini:D:\MyFolder\PowerFactory.ini"

- Now you will have the possibility to modify the configuration of PowerFactory via Tools--> Configuration/Tools--> Licence