How can I model voltage dependence of loads and consider it in the load flow calculation?

Load Flow

The voltage dependence is defined in the load type (TypLod). Therefore a load type has to be defined in a first step. In its Load Flow tab, the voltage dependence can be configured for active and reactive power separately. By setting coefficients and exponents of the polynomial expression, the behaviour of P and Q can be parameterized freely for loads with e.g. constant current or constant impedance behaviour. For detailed explanation of the polynomial expression, refer to the Technical Reference of the General Load Model.
By setting the load type of the according loads, the desired behaviour can be set. The values for active and reactive power in the operating point are then taken as values at nominal voltage.
To consider the voltage dependence in the Load Flow Calculation, in the Basic Options tab of the Load Flow Calculation command (ComLdf) the Load Option Consider Voltage Dependency of Loads has to be checked.