How can I model discrete controllers in DSL?

Dynamic Simulation

DSL (DIgSILENT Simulation Language) is a very powerful possibility for modelling time continuous controls and processes. But modelling discrete controls rises some problems. There is on one hand the possibility to use dedicated elements for sampling (ElmSamp: sample and hold element), register (ElmReg) and timing (ElmClock) but using dedicated elements increases the complexity of the overall model. For this reason we offer attached a discrete DSL model library with a lot of different discrete functions.

All these macros should be handled with care and function should be detailed checked in the context of the specific application. DIgSILENT can not guarantee that the discrete functions will work in all context due to the high degree of influencing factors (mainly, but not only all options of the ComInc).

There are two files attached:

Discrete Macro Library.pfd: This is a project which contains only DSL macros for discrete functions.

Library with test projects.pfd: This is a complete PowerFactory folder, containing the library from above plus a lot of different test projects, showing the different functions and comparing these outputs to time continuous impelementations.