How can I implement in PowerFactory a WAMS (Wide Area Measurement System) involving many PMUs (Phase Measurement Unit)?

Dynamic Simulation



Studies involving WAMS (Wide Area Measurement System) and PMU (Phase Measurement Units) are typically executed with RMS simulation as it is the faster than EMT simulation when dealing with larger networks, as well as it brings less modelling effort. In most cases, the related phenomena needed to be observed can always be represented using RMS simulation (hence there is no need for EMT type studies). Unfortunately, for the time being, there is no built-in PMU model in PowerFactory. It should be nevertheless possible to perform such a study. The quantities delivered by a PMU (e.g. frequency,df/dt, real and imaginary voltage, real and imaginary currents, etc) can be computed/post-processed using a user defined dynamic model (based on DSL - DIgSILENT Simulation Language) which may process various input signals. These input signals can be provided by a number of measurement elements (e.g. phase measurement element - ElmPhi__pll, voltage measurement element - StaVmea, current measurement element - StaImea) placed at specific target busbars. For this purpose you can build in PowerFactory composite models (based on composite frame definitions) which link the measurement devices and the dynamic DSL common models. There are no network elements needed for this user defined PMU model (e.g. no voltage source or generator). Note that composite and common models will be only evaluated during time domain simulations i.e. either RMS or EMT simulations. As user defined dynamic models require knowledge of the DIgSILENT dynamic modelling approach, further information on DSL modelling is provided in the User manual, Chapter 'RMS/EMT Simulations', in the Dynamic Modelling tutorial (available in the Download area ), as well as all the relevant FAQs ( available at ).