How can I have two different workspaces for the same version of PowerFactory?

Installation and Licensing

It is possible to have multiple workspaces for the same version of PowerFactory, which can be useful if you are working with a local and multi-user database on the same computer or if you just want to work in parallel.

To have an additional workspace for one PowerFactory version, follow these steps:

  • Select the folder where you want to place the new shortcut and the workspace (for example C:\temp\SeparateWorkSpace)
  • Copy the existing PowerFactory shortcut and paste it into the selected folder, you can change the name if you like
  • Copy the PowerFactory.ini file from the PowerFactory installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\DIgSILENT\PowerFactory 2024 SP1) and paste it into the selected folder
  • Open the copied ini file and add the following lines to the [general] part of the ini file (enter the path where the copied ini file is located, MyWorkspace can be replaced with your own name):
    backupDirectory = C:\temp\SeparateWorkSpace\MyWorkspace.backup
    workspaceDirectory = C:\temp\SeparateWorkSpace\MyWorkspace
  • Delete the entire [database] block in the ini file if you have any (this will make it a local database)
  • The workspace folders will be automatically created
  • Right-click on the copied PowerFactory shortcut and select Properties
  • Add the new ini file (with its path) to the shortcut target, in this example the shortcut target would be:
    "C:\Program Files\DIgSILENT\PowerFactory 2024 SP1\PowerFactory.exe" /ini "C:\temp\SeparateWorkSpace\PowerFactory.ini"
  • Use the new shortcut to open the PowerFactory with the additional workspace

There are many more options for the ini file, you can have a look on the FAQ How to create an additional PowerFactory shortcut and change its options?