How can I energise the electrical grid and simulate the active power load pick up with the voltage source converter?

Dynamic Simulation

The attached project shows the energisation of the electrical grid and the active power load pick up with the voltage source converter (VSC) in EMT simulation.

The DC capacitor is charged through a resistor using the DC current source. The converter is de-blocked at 0.1 seconds and 100 MW load is picked up at 0.3 seconds. For the load pick up, it is assumed that enough power on the DC side is available. The converter is then synchronized with the grid by closing the AC breaker at 0.7 seconds.

In order for the energisation to take place, the “block if part of isolated area” option in the EMT page of the DC current source must be activated.

The VSC controls the DC and AC voltages using the decoupled current control in rotating reference frame.

The converter is modeled as a switched model and is controlled through the gate pulses which are generated in the DSL model.

This project can only be imported and simulated in PowerFactory 2020 and on-wards.