How can I easily move one project (or parts of it) into another (destination) project?

Data Model

Moving an entire project into a destination project is very easy. One needs to use the functionality offered by the Project Combination Assistant tool. This tool allows users to easily combine projects - refer to the User Manual Chapter "Data Management", Section "Combining Projects" for detailed information. The video attached demonstrates how to achieve this.

If you want only a part of the network (i.e. a subnetwork) to be moved to the destination project, then there are two options:

- 1. make a complete move of the entire source project into the destination project and after combining and normalising the source data then delete the unnecessary parts of the project, or
- 2. make a copy of the source project and activate it, delete the unnecessary parts of project such that only the sub-network you wish to move is remaining, make sure it is still functional, create a project version and then use this project version for the project combination assistant (i.e. the steps shown in the video).