How can I display various relay parameters in my time-overcurrent plot?


By using the option “Add Label with definable Format” out of local menu bar, it is possible to insert a user defined text box in the time-overcurrent plot. Normally there is a pre-defined format available, which displays the settings of the referred block. For example, if a text box is displayed starting from an instantaneous overcurrent block (RelIoc) the following parameters are contained in the box:
    r:fold_id:loc_name    This displays the name of the relay.
    e:Ipsetr    Here the current setting is displayed.
    e:Tset    The time setting is displayed with this expression.
With the expression “r:fold_id”, the parent object of the RelIoc is accessed (normally the relay object). The other two variables are element parameters from the RelIoc block.
If it is required to display parameters of another block in the same text box for example the RelToc block, we need to add the expression “r:pdiselm:3”. This parameters selects the position 4 of the blocks contained in the relay. So the resulting expression should look like:
The example project contains a tripping unit with the blocks long time, short time and instantaneous and displays all setting values in one box in the time-overcurrent plot.