How can I directly control in RMS simulation the active (P) and reactive (Q) power of a three phase (3-phase) Static Generator (ElmGenstat)?

Dynamic Simulation

The attached example provides a simple network where one three phase static generator (converter) is directly being controlled via DSL to set the output active and reactive power (constant power model). As with any constant PQ models, this example is suitable for RMS simulations where voltages are always within the normal operating region. Whenever transient studies are to be investigated, this model is not recommended to be used, instead either a controlled current or voltage source should be employed.

Note also that in order to be able to control the active and reactive power of the three phase variant of the Static Generator (using signals Pext and Qext) it is necessary to set the dynamic model as "Constant Power" within the Model drop down selection field, page RMS-Simulation of the Static Generator's Edit Dialog.