How can I create a voltage heatmap of a time domain simulation?


Refer to the attached project which is based on the Transmission example and is focusing on study case "03 Transient Stability". The case reproduces a 100 ms fault event and the post fault recovery period. Voltage variations occur during and after the fault. The script can generate recordings for both single line and geographic diagrams.

The project contains a Python script which does the following:

- performs a dynamic simulation

- the voltage heatmap is generated for the currently shown diagram and exported as a .png image with a predefined rate (e.g. 10 ms)

- the images are resized for optimising the size of the recording

- a movie (.avi) is generated based on all the previously generated snapshots.

A small resolution recording is provided attached.

The following additional Python modules (and dependencies) are required: cv2, Pillow.