How can I create a user defined topology of a power electronics converter for EMT simulation?

Power Equipment Models

There are many advantages of using built-in PowerFactory models for power electronics, ranging from the simplicity in configuration to the full support of all relevant calculation functions. Nevertheless, for power electronics equipment which is not directly supported by the built-in models or for which various detailed studies require access to internal model components, PowerFactory 2021 (and onwards) provides users the possibility to build customisable PE equipment.

There are two main options when developing a user defined PE equipment for EMT-simulations:
- Simulation model development as a submodel of a built-in element ;
- Simulation model development as an independent EMT model (neither belonging to nor developed under any specific built-in element).

For more information, please refer to the User Manual, Chapter "Models for Dynamic Simulation", Section "Developing User Defined Power Electronics Models for EMT-Simulation". Also, a number of examples are available in the FAQ knowledge base, for example: