How can I create a custom symbol for a Single line diagram object?


To assign a new symbol to an object proceed as follows:

  • Right click on the object you wish to change and select the option Change Symbol.
  • In the dialogue that appears use the button Copy Symbol to make a copy of the symbol that is currently used.
  • Give the new symbol a name.
  • Go to the Geometry page. On this page you can specify a custom .wmf or .bmp file instead of the standard PowerFactory symbol.
  • If you copy the new icon to the global library it can be made available to users of other projects. The .wmf files are very flexible, however you may notice that the colours used do not match the colours in the rest of the network.


See the attached project for an example. To get a list with a description of the formats that can be used in the Geometrical Components and Attributes field, contact the support team.