How can I control a voltage source in a EMT simulation?

Dynamic Simulation

The AC voltage source can be controlled in EMT simulations based on a measurement file (ElmFile) of the three phases A, B and C.

For that purpose, a voltage source (ElmVac) is linked to the measurement file by a composite model as shown in the attached example. During the EMT simulation, the signals y1, y2 and y3 are transmitted from the ElmFile to the ElmVac. The values are interpreted as “kV” values.

Usage instructions of the example:

- Save the attached files to your computer

- Import in PowerFactory the example project.

- Identify the External "Measurement File" (ElmFile) using either the Data Manager or the Model Manager. Open its edit dialog and update the Filename field accordingly such that the path points to the actual location on your computer. Click OK afterwards.

- Run an EMT simulation and observe the voltage and frequency in the plot "TerminalVoltage". Edit the text file and make further modifications as you find suitable.