How can I compare simulation results in a graphical way?

Dynamic Simulation

This attached script can be used to compare results within one study case.

Execute for this at first manually a simulation. After this change a parameter or event and repeat then the simulation by starting this script. The script will duplicate all curves in the plots and will link them to the previous results. This way the effect of the change can be seen visually.

The script can restore the plots by setting the option "iCleanup" to 1.

If "iCleanup" is set to 2 then the option will be persistent. This can be useful if the cleanup should be done for several study cases.

The script can also store the configuration of ElmDsl models to the description page of the ElmRes object in the study case. For this a ElmComp or ElmDsl has to be linked on as external object. This option can be useful if the script is used to tune parameters. The old ElmRes of all previous simulations will be stored in a "history" folder if the option "iHistory" is enabled.

Setting the option "iAutoVar" to 1 will add all internal variables, states and signals of all ElmDsl to the ElmRes - this option can be used for DSL debugging - but it will also add a high number of results, therefore this option should be handled with care.

Storing short cuts to study cases in the Set "SetOfCases" while setting "iRunForSelected=1" will execute the comparison for all selected study cases at once. If "iCleanup=1" is set then the clean up will be done for all cases in one run.