How can I colour the text in text boxes?


How can I colour the text in text boxes (e.g. result boxes) depending on the value represented?


For custom colouring there are two possibilities:

  • Text colour of text boxes depending on IF-condition. For example if P>10 then colour the active power value in the result box of the line red:

#.## # $N,_IF(m:P:_LOCALBUS>10),_LCOL(c),@:m:P:_LOCALBUS,@:[m:P:_LOCALBUS
#.## # $N,_IFNOT(m:P:_LOCALBUS>10),@:m:P:_LOCALBUS,@:[m:P:_LOCALBUS
#.## # $N,@:m:Q:_LOCALBUS,@:[m:Q:_LOCALBUS


  • Colour (of elements) depending on custom filters. This option is very flexible because you can create a library of filter conditions.

Attached is a small project in which these options are demonstrated. To test the project you must import the project to PowerFactory. Then select the project and execute a load flow. The custom filters are stored in the project directory.