How can I adjust a WMF file used for background at a later stage?


First of all some general aspects:


  • The WMF export is a snapshot the current screen configuration (x/y-relation), zooming factor and last, but not least it contains only the selected or all elements, if nothing selected.
  • The background handling in PowerFactory does not allow any later manipulation of the background graphic like resizing, rotating or changing of the insertion point. Secondly the size of the wmf background is adjusted in such a way, that it fits exactly to the page size chosen in the Drawing Format dialog.

Because of the automated size adaption of the WMF file in Power Factory it is important to use the same frame within the drawing software (e.g. AutoCAD). The following steps describe a generalised approach, which tends to be successful:

  • Adjust the AutoCAD graphic window - import in a empty page the old wmf file using the AutoCAD option Import and subsequent wmf. Do not scale or rotate. Check with the export function if the new wmf fits in the PF project as background. If not, the manipulation of the wmf has to be done with the external software/AutoCAD.
  • If the first step was successful, continue by opening the new drawing in a second AutoCAD window and import there the new configuration drawing. Further group all elements by selecting all elements and choose from the right mouse button menu the group command. The grouping feature enables you to touch the whole graphical information only once for rotating, changing the size, etc. Insert this block by copy and paste into the first drawing. Adjusting now this block in such a way that it overlaps the old one exactly. Export the new wmf by deleting the rest before.