How can a Fuse be modelled using manufacturer's characteristics?


How can I use Fuse Characteristic provided by Fuse manufacturer in PowerFactory?


If you have bmp file containing fuse characteristic then you can import it and digitalise it easily. 

Steps to be followed are:

  1. Define a New Page of the type Virtual Instrument.
  2. Select the melting curve in the bmp format for the fuse of interest as background.
  3. Fill the min and max values of X and Y axes.
  4. Set the origin and X-Y axes.
  5. Select the matrix which stores the values from the characteristic.
  6. Select the Input.
  7. Select the curve that you would like to digitalise.

Now you should copy the values that are placed inside of the matrix and paste into the melting curve definition of the fuse.

For more information on how to perform this refer to our official YouTube channel