How can a command button be added to the single-line diagram to execute scripts?


To automate the execution of a specific DPL or Python script, a command button (VisButton) may be created in the single-line diagram.

To add a Command Button to a single-line diagram in your project, you first need to deactivate the Graphical Freeze Mode. Next, you have to open the Data Manager and navigate to the project library folder that contains your scripts. At the bottom right edge of the Data Manager there is an area with the text "Drag & Drop". Double click on that area to activate this function. Next, select one of the scripts on the right side of the data manager window and with the left mouse button pressed, drag the script to the drawing area. After inserting the button, it is possible to adapt the size of the button. You can also change the standard settings of the button on its edit dialog.

The attached screenshot illustrates the aforementioned process.