Do you have an example of the digexdyn interface?

Dynamic Simulation

Refer to the attached

In PowerFactory the digexdyn interface allows for linking discrete-time models in RMS or EMT simulations: This interface can be used for specifying complex digital controllers (discrete-time). These controllers can contain equations and non-linearities. The functions are triggered by the use of the DSL function event() via a clock signal. Hence function calls can be spaced equally in time depending on the sample rate of the clock signal.

  • Unzip the file and store the directory 'DigexdynXXBit' into the PowerFactory installation directory. Rename it to 'Digexdyn' and make sure that the bit architecture is the same as the one for the local PowerFactory installation.
  • Open the project digexdyn.dsw from the previously renamed folder and compile the project (use Visual Studio 6). The project creates in the PowerFactory installation directory a digexdyn.dll file.

For the example PFD file Example Shunt-Controller.pfd you may use the pre-compiled digexdyn DLLs. Make sure to rename the files from 'digexdynXXBit.dll' to 'digexdyn.dll' and use the same bit architecture as the PowerFactory installation. Place the renamed DLL into the PowerFactory installation directory.

If visual studio.NET or 2005 is used please convert the existing project digexdyn.dsw into the new visual studio solution file. The user defined functions can be implemented in the userdyn.cpp file.