Do you have an example of a Matlab Script being used during a Dynamic Simulation?

Dynamic Simulation

Refer to detailed description.


Refer to attached files. A very simple Matlab script calculates a sine wave using a parameter for amplitude and an input variable (time) from DSL. There are no theoretical restrictions in terms of Matlab script complexity.

Import first the PowerFactory project and make sure that the common model "MatlabScript" is updated with the correct file path of the MatlabScript.m file as saved on your computer. Make sure Matlab and PowerFactory have the same bit architecture (either 32 or 64 bit). 

Run the simulation and observe the "Results" plot. Note the description details added to the MatlabScript.m code for more information.


Should you encounter issues, you may refer to the prerequisites on running together Matlab and PowerFactory  as detailed in the User Manual, Chapter "RMS/EMT Simulations", Section "Matlab Interface".