Do you have an example of a fault-tolerant power system with 98% share of renewables?

Dynamic Simulation

A PowerFactory 2018 (and onwards) example along with two papers is provided for your reference. An example of a PowerFactory implementation of a fast voltage controlled based method for converter dominated power systems and its behavior within a benchmark system is showcased.

Its principal function and overall stability are demonstrated for a representative 9 bus system with a 98% share of renewables, full-scale converter based WT generation (Type 4). Nonetheless, the proposed converter regulation strategy would be applicable for other power sources such as VSC-based HVDC, PV- or storage systems.

The proposed converter control method takes into account that the further development of actually operated power systems will not allow a fundamental change in control- and operation philosophy. In other words, the traditional synchronous machine based control of voltage and frequency for balancing reactive and active power demand as such has to be maintained, however with a steadily increasing percentage of converter based generation such as wind power (WT), PV generation, battery storage and other PQ-controlling devices. This will require converter based systems to be also operated in voltage source and frequency balancing control modes (VSCC). The critical challenge here is the frequency control as the share of inertia based, synchronous generation may fade out in future to a relative low margin. As a consequence, load balancing has to be implemented in a super fast way aiming in the limitation of frequency excursions within acceptable operational limits.


The PowerFactory project comes with a number of study cases which are explained in the paper (Part II).