Do you have an example how to use the PV System?

Power Equipment Models

The attached example shows how to use the PV System. In this example the Solar Calculation is shown.

- As a type for the PV System element a PV Panel type is chosen. The rated Peak Power in the Panel is set 500 W per module.
- The model of the PV System is set to Solar Calculation.
- The number of panels per Inverter is set to 12. This means the maximum output is equal to 12*500W= 6 kW.
- On the System Configuration tab on the Basic Data page of the PV system element the orientation and tilt angle has been set.
- For each terminal GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude) have been inserted.

When running a Quasi-Dynamic-simulation for a whole day the impact of the GPS coordinates, the hour of the day/year and the tilt angle/ mounting system can be observed.