Do you have an example for a DC/DC converter (using the built-in ElmDcdc element)?

Dynamic Simulation

An example for a DC/DC converter (using ElmDcdc element) is provided attached. The DC/DC converter supports either buck or boost configurations. The buck converter can be chosen by setting the value of the parameter Alpha U2/U1 (Basic Data page of the element's dialog) to a value smaller than 1. Boost is selected when Alpha U2/U1 is greater than 1, while value 1 is not accepted. The DC/DC converter is mono-directional. Especially for EMT type simulations, it is important to note that the ElmDcdc consists ONLY of a diode and an ideal switch! The inductor and capacitor have to be modeled explicitly via the corresponding elements (ElmSind, ElmShnt). For steady state (load flow) or RMS dynamic simulation the built-in representation is sufficient if power losses are assumed to be small (and hence can be ignored).