Do you have an example for an Addon?




The attached project contains an example of an Addon. The Addon is located in the study case and consists of subscripts (in this case DPL scripts - ComDPL, but could also be python scripts) and variable definitions (IntAddonvars).

The DPL script named "Calculate" and located inside the ComAddon-object, contains the code, which is executed with the Addon-execution. It performs a short circuit and a load flow calculation and some subscripts. It also contains the necessary function calls "CreateModule();" and "FinaliseModule();".

The user defined variables, configured in the IntAddonvars-elements, are available as variables in the variable selection dialog and filled within the scripts code. In the variable selection dialog an additional page is available (for each module). The variables are found after the execution as entries of the variable set "User defined" or "User-defined per connection" (depending on the settings in the IntAddonvars-element).