Do you have an application example for a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)?

Dynamic Simulation

A common application for BESS consists in replacing the spinning reserve/primary reserve in a power system. This application becomes significantly important in small or island power systems with rather low spinning reserve and low inertia, where imbalances between generation and demand (after a generator trip, for example) have a considerable effect on the network frequency.

The document and the example project attached provide guidance on how to perform the analysis of such an application in PowerFactory.

The PFD file "BESS with PWM-Converter 2" contains the BESS with PLL. The PLL makes the model more robust in case of very deep voltage sags. The PWM converter (ElmVscmono) uses directly the voltage angle (real and imaginary part) if no PLL is connected. This can lead to convergence problems in case of very low voltage events.