Do you have a basic example on how to perform a frequency sweep analysis on a set of network variations and compare the results?

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Refer to attached example project. It contains a basic example on how such a procedure could be implemented.

The project is built based on the Resonance Studies Application Example. It contains one study case and three network variations. Each network variation changes the network topology/characteristics to a certain degree, thus influencing the results of the frequency sweep. A frequency sweep command is already existing in the study case and it is predefined according to the user's needs. A Python script is available within the project's library folder "Scripts", named "Example Frequency Sweep over variations.ComPython". The script does the following:

- Reads the General Set "Set of analysed variations.SetSelect" stored within the command. The set itself can be selected in the Python command's edit dialog. This set contains all the network variations that are to be applied in the analysis

- It verifies whether the script has been executed previously. If so, then the previous plot and results are removed

- It does a loop through all network variations

- For each variation a results object is generated, a Frequency sweep is executed and the results are saved

- After the loop ended, a single plot is raised for the Impedance (positive sequence) of one terminal within the network. The terminal itself can be selected in the Python command's dialog. The impedance of the terminal for each case is shown and a comparison can be done.


- Python v 3.6 or higher
- PowerFactory 2021.