Can you provide a quasi-dynamic simulation case with QDSL Battery model integrated?

Quasi-Dynamic Simulation

The example-project attached contains a predefined network, where a Battery storage is included. The storage is controlled by a QDSL-Model, where the aim is to reduce the energy, that is supplied to the customers connection point from the external network.


A detailed description of the contained Battery Storage Model can be found in the PowerFactory 2017 manual, chapter Quasi-Dynamic Simulation. A short introduction can be found below:

The contained QDSL-Model, that represents the controller of a battery storage, measures the power-flow through the connecting line and sets the power operational point of the storage device in a way, to reduce the power flow through this line.

To see, how the model works, execute the Quasi-Dynamic simulation. After running the simulation, there are predefined plots for parameters and state variables.