Can I plot a signal or state directly from the DSL graphic?

Dynamic Simulation

The attached script allows the direct plotting of selected signals or states from the graphical block definition.

Usage is simple: Import the script (best to the projects script folder), mark the signals or blocks of the block definition you want to plot right click at one of the marked objects and select execute script.

Alternatively the script can also be started from the data manager (it takes the selected objects from the graphic).

The script is mainly intended for DSL model developers and debuggers.

Please use v5 of the script for V2021 and later versions (due to changes plot framework).

Hint: Usability can be improved if the script is linked via the Tool Configuration (as Administrator TOOLS --> Tool Configuration). The script is then accessible via the Toolbox "User-defined Tools". Read for this also the manual, section 6.5.1 Tool Configuration.