PowerFactory for Distributed Energy Resource Systems

Power system phenomena such as reverse power flows, voltage dips and swells, varying fault levels and equipment loading are some of the challenges arising from distributed generation in electricity systems. Of particular note are the challenges of forecasting renewable energy generation with respect to the transfer capacity of distribution feeders under increasing deployment of smart grid technologies such as smart meters, demand side management and storage options.

PowerFactory is perfectly suited for the analysis of these challenges. It combines classical distribution system study functions such as voltage drop/rise calculation, unbalanced network assessment, short-circuit current calculation (including IEC 60909:2016) and protection selectivity analysis with modern analysis tools featuring quasi-dynamic simulations, voltage plan optimisation, stochastic assessment with probabilistic load flow or reliability analysis, and power quality assessment.

The comprehensive model library in PowerFactory provides users with the ability to use ready-made objects for single and three-phase loads, consumption energy profiles, generators and converters, PV cells featuring integrated power calculation based on solar radiation, fuel cells, wind generators, micro-turbines and battery storage, etc. as well as dynamic models (e.g. WECC PVD1).