Network Model Management

PowerFactory is used within a  single-user or multi-user hierarchical, object-oriented database, containing all the data required for analysis, organised in libraries and PowerFactory projects. Flexible tools are offered for viewing, handling and sharing data, and for managing user accounts and projects, including options for archiving and database housekeeping.

Single- and Multi-User Edition

  • User-friendly and powerful Data Manager, including address line for fast navigation
  • Network Model Manager with spreadsheets for convenient ­management of network equipment data and results
  • Flexible grouping and filter functionality
  • Grid Variations management with time-stamped grid ­Expansion Stages and Variation Manager tool
  • Highly flexible Study Case concept with definable Operation Scenarios, Variations, Grids and Triggers
  • Operation Scenario Manager for displaying and editing Operation Scenario data
  • Project Overview window and Study Case Manager for simplified management of Study Case configuration
  • Data (Model) Extension concept for user customisation with user-defined classes and attributes
  • Flexible parameter characteristics
  • Master- and Derived Projects with Merge Tools
  • Project combination and project connection assistant (horizontal/vertical)
  • Project versioning
  • Database Undo and Rollback function
  • Data encryption for local database

Team Edition

  • Includes all Multi-User Edition features
  • Multi-User database with team working functionality and support of simultaneous user sessions
  • User accounting, data access and function access rights
  • User authentication via PowerFactory user administration, including password policy settings, or via external authentication services, such as LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory
  • Database housekeeping mechanisms
  • Project archiving
  • Offline Mode via locally cached database and possibility for synchronisation with multi-user database when connected to the network (requires Network Licence with Floating Licence)