Converter and Interfaces

The PowerFactory base package allows for the import and conversion of network model data from a number of other modelling applications. In addition, bi-direction data exchange is possible using a DGS interface tool which supports a range of data formats.

  • Support of various data conversion and interfacing options, e.g. bi-directional data exchange with GIS
  • Import converter: PSS/E, PSS/U, PSS/Adept, UCTE/ENTSO-E, Neplan, Integral 7, Elektra, ISU, NETCAL, NEPS, ReticMaster
  • Optional1: CIM (ENTSO-E Profiles, CGMES) import/export including CIM Model Validator, PSS/E export, Integral export, PRAO import
  • DGS interface: Bi-directional, flexible data exchange format (ASCII, XML, CSV, ODBC) supporting GIS and SCADA interfacing
  • Optional1: OPC DA/UA Interface - SCADA interoperability standard, A/D signal interfacing
  • Optional1: API - Application Interface (see section “Scripting and Automation”) - C++ interface for full external automation of PowerFactory

1Not part of the base package; this function has to be requested separately.