Cable Analysis

The PowerFactory Cable Analysis tool contains two packages: Cable Sizing and Cable Ampacity Calculation.
The Cable Sizing package can be used either to verify the suitability of the assigned line types or to obtain recommendations for new line types according to a selected International Standard or according to user-defined voltage, thermal, and short-circuit constraints.
The Cable Ampacity Calculation assists in the determination of the maximum allowed current of a cable by taking different factors into account such as conductor temperature, the local environment  and other cables nearby.

Cable Sizing

  • Automatic cable sizing based on IEC 60364-5-52, NF C15-100, NF C13-200, and BS 7671, etc.
  • Cable reinforcement optimisation
  • Verification of global and/or individual thermal and short-circuit constraints
  • Verification of user-defined voltage drops per terminal and/or feeders
  • Balanced (positive sequence) or unbalanced calculation with support of all phase technologies (1-, 2- and 3-phase systems, with or without neutral conductor)
  • System phase technology and cable types consistency checks in the feeder
  • Various verification reports and automatic modification of cable types in the existing network via network Variations

Cable Ampacity Calculation

  • Cable Ampacity calculation based on IEC 60287 or Neher-McGrath method
  • Evaluation of maximum allowable current for cables based on cable material, laying arrangement and environmental data including presence of external heat sources
  • Convenient cable layout modelling capabilities, supporting all laying arrangements of single and multi-core cables
  • Rich reports and automatic modification of cable derating factors in the existingnetwork via network Variations