Sprache: EN, Online-Schulung via Zoom

Quasi-Dynamic Simulation (S2021.06.21.Online_QDS.En)

The purpose of this training is to introduce the principles and the handling of the Quasi-Dynamic Simulation in PowerFactory. The participants will learn how to create and assign time-series characteristics, define result variables, execute the analysis and use the various options to analyse the results.

The training contains the following topics:

  • Introduction into the Quasi-Dynamic Simulation in PowerFactory
  • Different modelling aspects to implement time-series characteristics
  • Time Sweep Analysis
  • Implementation of measurements and estimation of unknown load states using the Feeder Load Scaling
  • Outage Planning


Schulungsprogramm in englischer Sprache zum Download

S2021.06.21.Online_QDS.En_quasi-dyamic_simulation.pdf (341,6 KiB)