Sprache: EN, Online-Schulung via Zoom

Cable Analysis (S2023.03.21.Online_Cab.En)

This training introduces the participant to the tools and techniques commonly used in practice for planning and analysis cable systems. The participant will get familiar to model different cable systems, calculate the cable ampacity and plan a new construction area in PowerFactory.

  • Modelling of cable systems
    • PI-Model
    • Geometric cable models
  • Cable Ampacity Calculation
    • Derating factors & cable loading
    • Cable Ampacity for single and parallel cable systems in ground
  • Network Modelling & Visualisation Tools
  • Network planning
    • Cable Sizing to determine and verify new cable types
    • Derating factors

Each topic above includes a theoretical background and a practical part where participants acquire hands-on experience in the use of PowerFactory.