PowerFactory -- DE

Endeavour Energy is an electricity distribution company based in Australia. It’s primarily responsible for building, operating, and maintaining the electrical distribution network that delivers electricity to homes and businesses in Western Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, Illawarra, and the South Coast regions of New South Wales. Essentially, Endeavour Energy’s core activity involves ensuring a reliable and efficient supply of electricity to these areas, managing the infrastructure that supports this distribution, and handling maintenance and upgrades to the network as needed.

The introduction of StationWare as Endeavour Energy's Protection Configuration Management System (PCMS) resolved these challenges:

  • Improved Quality Assurance: It offered a standardised platform for managing relay settings, ensuring consistent quality.
  • Enhanced Auditing: The system enabled comprehensive auditing of our protection schemes, facilitating improvements.
  • Seamless ADMS Integration: Integration with ADMS improved operational efficiency and network management.