T & D Systems

Power system studies and engineering expertise for planning, designing and optimizing transmission and distribution systems. Implementation of complex studies such as SSR-analysis, PSS-tuning, grid stability trouble shooting and optimisation. More than 30 years in consulting expertise are supporting you in conserving and optimizing your assets and to adopt to fast changing market conditions.

  • Specific Transmission System Analysis
  • Master Plan development
  • Performance of Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual Design studies
  • System reinforcement & cost assessment
  • Techno-economic evaluation
  • Power wheeling and Transfer Limit Analysis
  • AC/DC Overlay Grid design
  • AC/DC Bulk Power transfer
  • SVS, FACTS and HVDC Applications
    Determination of location, type & design
    Dynamic performance & control requirements
    AC/DC filter design
    Reactive power requirements
  • Specific Distribution System Analysis
  • Regional and area planning
  • Loss reduction analysis
  • Voltage profile optimisation
  • Capacitor & reactor placing
  • Voltage flicker reduction
  • Optimal substation siting
  • Distribution grid restructuring
  • Other Engineering Services
  • Development of DPL scripts
  • Network modelling & Database management
  • Power Flow & Fault Level studies
    Balanced and unbalanced AC/DC grid analysis
    Contingency analysis & Contingency ranking
  • Voltage stability analysis
    PQ/PV curve determination
    Eigenvalue Analysis
  • Reliability assessment
  • Grid Stability Analysis
    Dynamic, transient & frequency stability
    Small Signal stability / eigenvalue analysis
    Power System Stabilizer (PSS) tuning
    AVR & governor control tuning
    Spinning reserve optimization
    Optimization of load shedding
  • EMT-based Studies
    Earthing and transient over-voltage studies
    Insoltaion coordination
    Lightning studies
    Cable, transformer & capacitor switching studies
    Ferro resonance studies
    Inrush current determination

  • Subsynchronous Resonance Analysis
    Induction generator effects (IGE)
    Torsional Interaction (TI) analysis
    Torsional Amplification (TA) analysis
    Frequency scanning studies
    Damping coefficient determination
  • Protection Concepts
    Protection settings review & optimization
    Fault investigations
  • Quality of Supply
    Harmonic load flow
    Filter design
    Reactive power compensation assessment
    Power factor correction
    Ripple control