System Operation

DIgSILENT offers a wide range of specialized engineering services related to system operation planning and optimization. Typical service aspects are transfer capacity considerations on basis of contingency and voltage stability analysis, spinning reserve and transient stability issues as well protection coordination optimization and operation economics. 

  • Operation Optimization
  • Economic dispatch and loss reduction
  • Security constraint dispatch
  • Reactive power optimization
  • ATC and NTC Analysis
  • Contingency screening
  • Stability Considerations
  • Spinning reserve optimization
  • Design of load shedding concepts
  • Optimization of protection settings
  • Power System Stabilizer (PSS) tuning
  • AVR & governor tuning optimization
  • Incident Analysis & Assessment
  • Analysis of fault recordings
  • Post mortem fault analysis
  • Simulation of grid upset conditions
  • Steady State Analysis
  • Load flow analysis in AC/DC grids
  • Development of DPL skripts
  • NTC, ATC, PDTF screening
  • Voltage stability analysis
  • Grid Stability Simulations
  • High precision dynamic modelling
  • Time domain simulations (RMS / EMT)
  • Small signal stability analysis
  • Protection response analysis