Renewable Energies

DIgSILENT offers a wide range of specialized services in the field of renewable and non-conventional energy such as capacity credit studies for wind- and solar power, feasibility studies for integrating large amount of renewable energies via AC or DC technologies as well as various kind of impact studies incl. operation reserve and voltage recovery consideration.

Grid Impact Studies on the Integration of Renewable Energies (REN)

  • Capacity Credit studies
  • System integration aspects
  • Impact analysis on stability pattern such as transient stability, freqeuncy stability and smal signal stability
  • Determination of the max. wind power and solar plant capacity installations
  • Specification of wind farm and PV plant characteristics
  • Compliance analysis of REN regarding Grid Code & Connection Conditions
  • Requirements for frequency control and spinning reserve
  • Load following operational impact and cost analysis
  • Consideration on protection concepts and settings
  • Voltage support and voltage recovery
  • Power quality consideration

Integration of Renewable Energies

  • Grid integration studies
  • Wind farm and solar plants design studies
  • Reactive power compensation and control
  • AC/DC bulk power transfer design
  • Development of integrated control concepts for dispatchable generation, REN and storage systems


Power System Analysis Aspects

  • Deterministic and probabilistic load flow analysis
  • Short circuit analysis considering power electronic devices
  • Reactive power compensation and filter design
  • Voltage control requirements
  • Grid connection point analysis
  • Park layout and dimensioning of components
  • Earthing concepts
  • LVRT and voltage recovery studies
  • Switching overvoltages & ferroresonance analysis
  • Transient stability studies
  • Protection design and coordination studies

Simulation Model Development

  • Development of PowerFactory DSL models for wind turbines and solar converters
  • Model validation on basis of test results