Grid Code Compliance

Transmission Codes and Distribution Codes define individual needs to guarantee economic and reliable operation of interconnected systems. DIgSILENT is executingGrid Code compliance studies being required for ensuring that power supply quality and reliability as well as grid stability are fully maintained under liberalized market conditions.

  • Grid Codes
  • Development of Grid Codes & Connection Conditions
  • Determination of technical requirements
  • Grid stability considerations
  • Grid Code Compliance Analysis
  • Compliance analysis on basis of simulation models and test results
  • Verification of generator response during voltage dips and supervision of power plant non-disconnection, according to the selected grid code or other international standards (Spain-REE, Germany-E.ON and MV, England. NGC, France-RTE, IEC-61400-21 Ed.2,others)


  • Grid Code related Analytical Studies
  • Determination of grid stability pattern
  • Determination of voltage stability needs
  • Definition of grid compatibility requirements
  • Analysis of power quality aspects
  • Development of control and protection strategies
  • Simulation Model Development
  • Development of simulation models for PV- and Wind generators
  • Model validation according to grid code requirements
  • Model pre-certification checks